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If you enjoy entertaining your family and friends in the comfort of your backyard, it is important to make sure that your concrete patio is in good shape for all of your upcoming gatherings and events. Over the years and seasons, your concrete patio will experience natural wear and tear from the elements. Fortunately, a company that offers concrete resurfacing and composite overlays near Austin can help you resurface your patio to perfection. There are several signs that you should contact your concrete contractor to schedule patio resurfacing. For example, if your patio shows visible signs of cracks, chips, or holes, these are all signs that your area needs to be resurfaced. Additionally, you may notice that your patio has become uneven or shifted over time. Finally, your patio will also need to be resurfaced if the top layer of concrete has a crackled or scaly appearance. With a professional concrete resurfacing service, you can completely transform your old and damaged concrete patio.