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Composite overlays are a terrific addition to many different surfaces around your property. When you are getting ready for a concrete resurfacing project, you may want to ask your concrete contractor about the types of composite overlays that are available for your home. With a new quartz coat or another style of the composite overlay, you will be able to completely transform the look and feel of a concrete, plywood, or brick surface. Along with adding style and beauty to an otherwise drab material, composite overlays will also provide you with great durability and weather protection. Read on for a look at some of the top benefits that concrete overlays have to offer your home.

Terrific Durability

One of the main advantages of composite overlays is that they will provide you with terrific durability over the years and seasons. For example, you can expect a quartz coat overlay to be up to two times stronger than a conventionally applied concrete surface. With the great durability of a composite overlay, your installation will last for two decades or more.

Versatile Styling

Another benefit that composite overlays have to offer you is their versatile styling options. Today’s composite overlays come in a variety of styles that can produce a wide array of textures, colors, patterns, and more. If you have a specific vision for the finished look of your concrete project, a composite overlay may be able to help transform your dream into a beautiful reality.

Slip Protection

A final benefit of a composite overlay is that this type of coating can actually enhance the safety of your concrete surface. When a concrete contractor applies a concrete overlay, he will create a slip resistant surface that will help to prevent slips and falls. Whether you are a parent of young children, or are simply seeking additional safety and assurance around your home, composite overlays can help keep your family and friends safe and protected when they are walking on your concrete slab.