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When you are planning a concrete resurfacing project, you may want to check out the concrete-stamped overlays that are available for your concrete surface. With stamped or composite overlays, you can completely transform the look of your original concrete installation. A company offering concrete resurfacing serving Lago can provide you with more information about the different types of concrete coating applications that are suited for your specific project. Here is a look at some of the stamped overlay options that you may want to consider.

Earth Tone Overlays

One of the most popular design trends for stamped concrete overlays is coatings that are Earth toned. With an Earth toned overlay, your stamped concrete will mimic the look and feel of natural stone. In fact, you can coat your concrete so that it appears similar to granite, limestone, or even marble. These coatings can add luxury to any concrete surface, and they are available in many different colors, shades, and designs. Your contractor can help you find the right earth tone overlay for your project.

Light Highlighting

Another design option that you will have when you are choosing stamped overlays is a light highlighting procedure. With light highlighting, your initial stamped concrete overlay will be gray, tan, or another neutral shade in color. After the original overlay has been installed, it will be accented with hand-applied highlighting. Your concrete contractor will use high-end techniques to create a finished look that has the luxurious appearance of natural stone.

Vertical Installations

A final option for stamped overlays is to go vertical with your design strategy. Along with being suitable for flooring installations, stamped overlays can also be used to coat vertical surfaces, such as walls and outdoor rock features. This type of installation is a great choice for a vertical surface that does not have the capacity to support an authentic natural stone installation. Your concrete contractor can answer any questions that you may have about the benefits of stamped concrete overlays.