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Experts in Concrete Staining and Epoxy Flooring

A change of scenery is always nice from time to time. But there’s no need to go traveling across the world when you can work with Texas Premier Coat Resurfacing to fundamentally recreate your home or business’s visual design. We’re Austin, TX’s, premier overlay, resurfacing, and coating company, here to offer you an incredible array of construction services that’ll improve the look and feel of your building in question, no matter where it’s located. If your living room or office is feeling worn out, old, and lacking in the aesthetic appeal you’re looking for, we have the skill and experience to revitalize your interior walls and floors. If you desperately need to improve the design and durability of your pool patio or garage floor, we’ve also got you covered. We specialize in concrete staining, epoxy flooring, and composite overlays for both interior and exterior locations, ensuring that no matter where your building needs an upgrade, we can take your ideas and work together to build something truly gorgeous.

We Provide Composite Overlay Services For All Of Your Surface Needs

Pool decks
Pool Decks
Patio Repair
Walkways Resurfacing

Driveway repairs and overhauls

Your driveway is out there for the world to see. It’s the prologue to the good times awaiting any visitors coming to enjoy the comfort of your home—all of which is why it should look the part it plays. We provide expert driveway repair and resurfacing services for those looking to spice up the entrance to their property. A chipped or heavily cracked driveway doesn’t do anyone any good, which is why we provide simple, quick repair services using a variety of top-quality sealant materials such as concrete, stone, or quartz. We aim to please with a sturdy, enduring driveway that’ll withstand all that your vehicle, and the elements, have to offer.

With our decorative driveway resurfacing, we can also turn your driveway from bland to brand new. Using skilled, hand-crafting techniques and texture, we can give your driveway the natural stone look you’ve always desired, with a plethora of color shading options like gold, black, brown, and more.

Long-lasting epoxy garage coating

The condition of your garage floor may not be one of the first things on your mind, but it should be. Garage floors take a load of wear and tear from the constant traffic and often get chipped or weathered over time. We’re here to help fill in any repairs and resurface with our garage floor epoxy services. Epoxy provides the perfect solution; as a resin material with a hearty durability factor, it’ll keep your garage floor in excellent condition. It’s also waterproof and easy to clean. Even if you’re simply looking for something more attractive for your garage floor, this is the way to go.

Pool deck and patio resurfacing

The surface of your pool or patio says a lot about the condition of the exterior areas of the home, including the condition of the yard, or pool itself. Keep your pool and patio safe, sturdy, and beautiful with resurfacing from Texas Premier Coat Resurfacing. Adding additional resurfacing provides myriad benefits, including higher durability from all sources (such as the weather), improved safety with greater traction, and, of course, a refreshed sense of style. Your pool or patio is where you want to spend most of your lazy spring and summer days, so don’t spend them staring at an eyesore. Get pool deck and patio resurfacing today.

Decorative concrete staining and overlay

If you need to protect the condition of your property, but also want to add a flair of personal design with beautiful texture work, then you want to call us for a decorative concrete overlay. Our artisan craftsmen will take your vision and resurface your patio, pool area, or another surface to look and feel the way you want it to. Take advantage of our expertise and beautify your home’s exterior. Concrete staining goes hand-in-hand with this philosophy. One of the best options for fully customizing your concrete driveway, pool, or deck, it allows for gorgeous color shading without the risk of peeling that normally comes with painted surfaces. Get concrete staining in tandem with a decorative overlay for the ultimate transformative experience for your outdoor home.