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Running Bond Pattern for Tile in Austin, TX

Texas Premier Coat Resurfacing has specialized in performing top-tier services for running bond pattern installation in Austin, TX, for many years. If you desire to enhance your flooring or patio surfaces’ appearance, durability, and overall quality, our team is here for you. We pay keen attention to detail from conception to completion, guiding you throughout the process for an installation well done. With skilled technicians with over a decade of experience at your service, you can rest assured that your installation is performed with your complete satisfaction in mind.

What is Running Bond?

Running bond is a method of laying floor and patio tiling by overlapping them in connected courses. The technique is used and favored by professional pavers and homeowners to produce an ideal aesthetic and feel.

Bond comes in an array of styles, textures, and colors. Homeowners choose running bonds for their versatility and detail. Using bonding for your flooring or patio work can bring out the beauty in your home, providing more enjoyment from your outdoor and indoor spaces. It’s safe, durable, and ties different aspects of your home together for your perfect style.

What Are the Types of Running Bond Pattern for Tile?

Running bond comes in two distinct patterns fit for a wide range of households, surfaces, and living spaces. If you prefer a safer, reliable style that can go well in any area of your home, you may want to consider the horizontal type for your needs. The vertical style is an excellent choice for an eye-catching look that breaks established tradition, satisfying your inner style adventurer. Regardless of your preferences, we can provide the perfect pattern for you.

  • Horizontal: Satisfying homes and homeowners of all kinds, the horizontal running bond is arguably the most popular type and undoubtedly the most conventional type of bond. The horizontal pattern looks like traditional brickwork, consisting of rows of tile laid across surfaces and spaced out by joints. Horizontal bond is dependable and functional for a wide range of homes, with enough dynamic to stand out.
  • Vertical: An eyepopping and daring twist on the running bond style, vertical placement creates the illusion of more extended floors, a quality that homeowners with smaller living spaces particularly enjoy. As you admire the vertical design, you’ll feel like the floor is moving, adding enhanced excitement and a heightened sense of creativity. A vertical running bond may be proper for you for a unique twist on your patio surface and flooring.

How is Running Bond Used?

The best part about installing a running bond pattern in your living spaces is the vast versatility it provides for your aesthetic. Horizontal and vertical patterns are usually installed as flooring and surfacing for outdoor patios, offering a fabulous look for both your indoor and outdoor spaces. If you want to improve the appearance of your floor or outdoor surfaces, running bond may be the right choice for your needs:

  • Running Bond Pattern Floors: Horizontal and vertical patterns will look terrific with any household flooring plan. Both designs are highly durable and accommodating to heavy foot traffic. You can quickly and easily clean horizontal and vertical flooring by sweeping, mopping, and drying in a matter of minutes. Regardless of your distinct style, running bond will provide your indoor spaces with an ideal aesthetic.
  • Running Bond Pattern Patio: For a blast of exciting style that ties your outdoor spaces and landscaping all together, running bond may be suitable for you. You and your family will feel comfortable walking the surface of your patio or pool, ensuring safety with enough grip to keep you secure. Our horizontal and vertical patterns will add much beauty and eye-popping style as you bask in the fun and pleasure of your patio and outdoor spaces.

Contact Texas Premier Coat Resurfacing Today

When choosing and installing the ideal running bond pattern for your outdoor or indoor spaces, you want the top experts to handle your needs. Our team of professionals possesses the equipment, skills, and client service necessary to provide your perfect look. We’ll properly install your horizontal or vertical pattern to your exact specifications, providing the ideal appearance, feel, and atmosphere to complete your home. If you’re interested in running bonds for your home, you can contact a member of our team by filling out our online contact form or giving us a call.