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Frequently Asked Questions

Information About Our Austin Composite Overlays

  • We can use this coating on concrete, stamped concrete, brick, cement board, pea gravel, cinderblock, sheetrock, and other types of surfaces.

  • Your pattern and color options are limitless! This is due to the fact that we hand-craft and hand-stain every surface we work on.

  • If your existing concrete has cracks, these telegraphs will actually be incorporated into the pattern and design being used in your overlay.  As a result, you should not see any cracks after the Quartz Coat resurfacing project is completed. If the cracks do happen to show up again, they will form along the stone’s mortar joint, which can be filled with no problem.

  • The total price will depend on the square footage of your surface. The bigger the space you have, the less money will charge per square foot. We typically charge $6-$7.50 per square foot.

  • Yes. For each project, there is a minimum cost of $2,195, which is necessary because of the time it takes to complete the installation process.

  • YNo. This finish does not make your floor slippery when it gets wet. We texture our Quartz Coat by hand. This coating is highly durable and skid-resistant.

  • Absolutely! Thanks to Quartz Coat’s 6,100 PSI rating, you get twice as much durability with this coating, compared to the majority of broom-finished concrete. As a result, driveways that are finished with Quartz Coat are protected from the usual wear and tear that comes with extensive driveway traffic.

  • We usually apply Quartz Coat at 1/4  inch thick.

  • When we work on your surface, we take out any plastic or wood that is already there and then fill the joints using a flexible compound that is topped with sand. The result is a natural-looking finish.

  • While we can’t guarantee that your drainage problem will be resolved, we can add additional layers of Quartz Coat in an effort to help redirect the flow of water.

  • When it comes to overlay options available on the market, Quartz Coat is one of the most durable. As a result, you can expect it last longer than many other finishes. In fact, there have been overlays that were still in excellent condition even after 18 years!