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Choose Roman Stone Tile in Austin, TX

Texas Premier Coat Resurfacing provides homeowners with quality Roman Stone installation. Comprising of a team of seasoned experts with years of experience, we will help you choose, design, and install your ideal Roman Stone tiles with the highest level of excellence. We take pride in the quality of work and customer satisfaction. We’ve built a sterling reputation for performing services that enhance the beauty and aesthetic of homes. Our professionals are here to help you achieve the living spaces of your dreams.

What is Roman Stone?

Roman Stone is a versatile, multicolored modular concrete unit used primarily for outdoor spaces and landscaping, applied with adhesive for outdoor setups, driveways, and flooring to support and enhance landscaping and home improvement work.

Common uses for applying this type of stone include building and supporting fireplaces, barbeques, fire pits, and other flame-heavy outdoor items. Roman Stone is also perfect for water-related things like ponds and fountains.

Roman Stone is used to create outdoor steps, stairs, seating, walls, and columns. If you use your imagination, you can bring any aspect of your dream outdoor and indoor space to life with Roman Stone.

Types of Roman Stone

We offer a comprehensive selection of Roman Stone to meet the precise needs of your landscaping and indoor spaces. Roman Stone comes in various colors, textures, and shapes equipped to complete any home. We ensure that you’ll find the right choices for you and your home when perusing our selection. The types of Roman Stone include:

  • Color-Variant: Roman Stone comes in a wide array of beautiful colors, hues, and shades sure to fit any part of your home. From neutral charcoal blends to brighter colors, Roman Stone provides optimal versatility outdoors and indoors.
  • Texture-Variant: We provide stone for your preferred texture. Do you want a rough-hewn surface where you can feel the unique natural patterns when you walk, or do you want a smooth surface for gliding across your spaces? Regardless of your style, we provide an array of texture options for you.
  • Shape-Variant: Our selection provides Roman Stones of virtually any size or shape. If you want a uniform appearance where all stones look the same, our team can sculpt the stones to your liking. Our services are unmatched for a more natural and eclectic appearance that provides each stone with an individual character.

Why Should I Choose Roman Stone?

We love exposing our clients to Roman Stone because of its multiple advantages. Many homeowners who choose Roman Stone for their indoor and outdoor needs are thrilled with their selection, enjoying the fine quality and ideal beauty for years. From its cost-effective installation, versatile style, and robust life span, we highly recommend considering Roman Stone for your landscaping and home improvement needs, especially if you value the following:

  • Save Time and Money: Due to the high-impact and simple stone adhesive used in the Roman Stone installation process, we start and complete your project quicker, easier, and more efficiently, saving you massive amounts of time and money in the long run.
  • Wide Range of Styles: With a highly customizable modular design, there are many ways to apply Roman Stone to your home and landscaping, ensuring the most functionality for your home. The wide range of colors, textures, and shapes allows you to get creative with your Roman Stone and accentuate the beauty of your living spaces.
  • Strength and Durability: If you want flooring, landscaping, and living spaces that will last for years to come, choosing Roman Stone may be right for you. Roman Stone is highly durable and resistant to damage, providing peace of mind as you enjoy your living. Easy to maintain and upgrade, Roman Stone is ideal for those who value strength in their materials.

Contact Texas Premier Coat Resurfacing Today

When choosing, designing, and installing the perfect Roman Stone tile for your outdoor or indoor spaces, you want the right professionals for the job. Our team of professionals possesses the equipment, skills, and client service necessary to meet your needs. We’ll design and install your Roman Stone to your exact specifications, providing the perfect look, feel, and atmosphere to complete your home. If you’re interested in Roman Stone for your home, you can contact a member of our team by filling out our online contact form or giving us a call.