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A patio can provide you and your loved ones with valuable space for entertaining, spending time with friends, and enjoying the beauty of your backyard. If your home has a concrete patio, the surface of your patio will receive constant wear over time. Fortunately, a company that offers concrete resurfacing and floor resurfacing near Austin can help you restore your patio to perfect condition. With patio resurfacing, you can transform your old and cracked concrete into a beautiful patio surface. To help you decide whether you need to get in touch with your concrete contractor, here is an overview of three signs that your patio needs resurfacing.

Visible Cracks

One of the top signs that your patio is ready for resurfacing is when you start to notice visible cracks and chips on your patio’s surface. When your concrete patio is initially poured, your contractor will take special care to make sure that its surface is smooth and free of blemishes. After cracks start to form along your patio’s surface, this is a sure sign that you are ready for a resurfacing procedure.

Pooling Water

Water is a primary cause of damage and cracks to concrete surfaces. If you have started to notice large pools of standing water on the surface of your patio, this is a good indication that your patio needs to be resurfaced. Along with resurfacing, you may want to talk to your concrete contractor about how you can build a better drainage solution for your patio space.

Spalling or Chipping

Spalling is a term that is used to describe chips and other forms of damage to the surface of a concrete slab. When your patio is spalling, you may notice that its external layers are starting to chip or flake away. A concrete resurfacing specialist will be able to place a refinishing coat on your patio that will seal in the flaking layers. After your resurfacing is complete, your patio will appear brand new.