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If you plan on spending time in your backyard this spring and summer, you may want to consider a concrete repair or a concrete resurfacing procedure for your patio. While a concrete patio can provide you with a durable and functional surface for your outdoor entertaining and recreation, your backyard may require patio resurfacing from time to time. With quality patio resurfacing from a concrete contractor in Georgetown, you can improve the look of your patio, while also helping to protect it from the elements. If you are considering a concrete resurfacing project, here is a look at what you can expect from your patio refinishing procedure.

Sand Away Damaged Concrete

The first step of refinishing a patio is to sand away any damaged concrete that is on the surface of your patio. Your concrete contractor will use high-powered tools, such as shot blasters or scarifiers to completely sand down the surface of your concrete. After this procedure is finished, your contractor will have a completely smooth surface that is ready for refinishing.

Fix Any Cracked Areas

Once the sanding step has been completed, your concrete contractor will then go to work to fix any cracked areas throughout your concrete surface. There are many reasons why concrete may crack, including extreme hot and cold or water damage. In order to restore your concrete to proper condition, it is important to seal these cracks before the main sealcoat is applied.

Seal the Concrete

After the patio has been completely sanded and repaired, it will be time to apply the sealant. Depending on your desired look and texture, there are many different types of surfaces that can be applied to your concrete patio. For example, you can choose color stains, composite overlays, and other materials that will provide your patio with a distinctive flair. Once your patio has been refinished, you will have the perfect space for relaxing and entertaining.