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Precast Concrete Steps for Homes and Businesses

Texas Premier Coat Resurfacing has years of experience building concrete steps. Our Austin, TX company delivers unparalleled customer service on each job. We care about the work we do and our customers. Most importantly, we work quickly and use top-quality materials and tools. We’ve done so since 2013. Our past customers have raved about the job we do, and we are proud of our sterling reputation. If you own a house or run a business and need concrete services, you can trust us. We specialize in making concrete look good, helping homes and businesses amplify their natural beauty.


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The Benefits of Precast Concrete Steps

At Texas Premier Coat Resurfacing, we are more than familiar with the advantages of new concrete steps. Over the years, we have educated our customers on why they should invest in our services. Beyond making your property look more attractive to neighbors or your customers, they present the following benefits:

Concrete Steps Repair in Austin
  • Cost-Effectiveness: We use pre-cast concrete to construct steps. The benefits of this type of concrete are numerous. But perhaps the most important is the cost. Cast-in-place stairs cost three times as much as pre-cast steps, making our services a worthwhile investment.
  • Easy to Install: Pre-cast concrete does not require a clear and sunny day. But other methods do. A rainy day can ruin a day’s work and force our teams to wait until better weather occurs. That is not the case with pre-cast concrete steps.
  • Environmental-Friendliness: Pre-cast concrete is more environmentally friendly than other options. They use fewer materials to make and often use recycled concrete. Plus, we produce much less dust during construction by using this method.
  • Immediate Access: Poured-in steps require a longer timeline. If you own a business and are redoing the steps on your property, you do not want to disrupt your operations. Our team used pre-cast technology to shorten the timeframe. In fact, you can use your stairs immediately.
  • Durability: Concrete is an incredibly stable material. It doesn’t decompose or emit toxic fumes, gases, or harmful components. It works in hot climates. Plus, you will rarely need to repair concrete, and little maintenance is required.

How Do Precast Concrete Steps Work?

We specialize in pre-cast concrete steps. The process is more straightforward and places less of a burden on our customers. Whether you own a business or a home, it is important to make things as easy as possible for you. When we install pre-cast concrete steps, we do the bulk of the work offsite. First, we pour concrete into a pre-cast mold and shape it into steps. Once the concrete hardens, we strip the mold off. From there, we can install the steps at your location.

We Offer Concrete Overlays in Addition to Concrete Step Construction

One of the reasons our customers love us is our attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile. While we can pour concrete steps, our service to you doesn’t end there. We can make your steps look beautiful through an array of services. We use concrete overlays to achieve various looks and feels, enabling you to put your spin on your property. We can even stain your steps to further enhance the construction’s quality. Our professionalism and expertise allow us to perform these steps to perfection. Choosing Texas Premier Coat Resurfacing is a wise choice considering our specialties.

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If you own property, you want to do your best to ensure it looks outstanding to your guests. That’s why our services are so helpful. Our team is more than ready to provide you with what you need to enhance your property. Even something as minor as new concrete steps can make a huge difference. We use our expertise and familiarity with pre-cast concrete to help our customers put the finishing touches on new construction or revamp an existing building. Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment.