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It’s hard to top the natural, organic aesthetic that natural stone brings to the table, but these materials can be expensive. Quartz coat in Lago aims to set you up with all of the cosmetic appeal without such a steep price. Floor resurfacing can make you fall in love with your property again, and quartz bound products can be used in a multitude of situations. If you’re looking to improve the look of your driveway, patio, or pool deck, talk to your floor resurfacing professional about quartz. Here’s a closer look at some of the outdoor spaces that can benefit from quartz bound products:


Floor resurfacing can be done to interior and exterior spaces as well as both residential and commercial settings. The driveway is one of the first elements of your property that passersby will see, especially when it comes to residential neighborhoods. If you want to increase your curb appeal and brighten your neighbors’ day, consider talking to your concrete contractor about quartz bound products. Quartz coat is durable enough to support the weight of the cars in your driveway without breaking down, which makes it a lasting investment for your property. This extra protection helps reduce the aesthetic signs of normal wear.


Like your driveway, your patio may be visible from the road. It’s extra important to keep your patio in shape if it has an impact on your curb appeal, and floor resurfacing with quartz bound products may be just what you need. The natural appeal that comes with quartz will have heads turning as they pass by your home, and it can motivate you to use your outdoor living space more often.

Pool Deck

You want your pool deck to be cosmetically satisfying, but it should also be safe. Your concrete contractor can make your pool safer by adding quartz coats to the deck. Rather than making the area slippery, this kind of floor resurfacing will improve the durability and stability of the pool deck. When it comes to keeping your pool area safe and attractive, this type of floor resurfacing can come in handy.