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Whether you have just purchased a new property, or are seeking an effective way to give your current driveway a facelift, concrete resurfacing is a cost effective method for achieving the front yard of your dreams. A company offering concrete resurfacing serving Austin will be able to help you plan your upcoming project. When you work with a highly rated concrete contractor for your driveway resurfacing, you will be amazed at the beauty and durability of your final result. Read on for a closer look at what you need to know about the concrete resurfacing process.

Preparing the Surface

The first step of concrete resurfacing is to prepare the surface of the concrete for the procedure. If your concrete driveway is dirty or covered in debris, the resurfacing layers will not be able to adhere to the surface of your concrete. In order to prepare your concrete for resurfacing, your technician will use a power washer to completely clean off the surface of your driveway. Once the power washing has been completed, your contractor will be ready to begin on the repair and concrete resurfacing process.

Priming and Repairing Cracks

The next step of concrete resurfacing is to prime and repair any cracks that may be on the surface of your concrete. Any cracks in your concrete may show up after the resurfacing procedure has been completed. In order to prevent cracks from reoccurring, your contractor will prime and fill any blemishes that are visibly noticeable on your driveway. These repairs will be reinforced with a mesh fabric.

Applying Resurfacing Material

Once your cracks have been filled and reinforced, your contractor will be ready to start applying the resurfacing material. Typically, a durable surface polymer is used during the concrete resurfacing process. Polymer will adhere to the surface of the concrete and leave a beautiful and wear-resistant surface layer behind. After the polymer layer has cured, you will be ready to start using your driveway again.