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If you’re considering concrete driveway resurfacing in Austin, you might have a few questions. Before you invest in concrete resurfacing, you need to find an experienced concrete contractor, look into concrete sealants, and investigate contractor warranties. Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about concrete driveway resurfacing.

How can I find a reputable concrete contractor?

You can begin your search for an experienced concrete contractor by asking friends and family if they have ever hired a concrete resurfacing professional. If they have and would hire the same concrete contractor again, you can ask them for a recommendation. If your neighborhood is managed by a homeowner’s association or neighborhood association, they may have a list of reputable or recommended concrete contractors that your neighbors have had success with. The concrete contractor that you choose should be licensed and insured and should be able to provide references or a portfolio of his recent work.

Does my concrete driveway need to be sealed?

If your concrete driveway will ever be exposed to freezing temperatures, it will need to be sealed. Your concrete sealant will prevent moisture absorption, chemical exposure, and grease and oil stains. If you opt for a concrete stamped overlay or colored concrete, the sealant will protect the texture or enhance the color of the concrete. Penetrating sealants are the best choice for concrete that will be exposed to extreme temperatures. Your concrete contractor should be able to apply a sealant expertly and thoroughly once he has completed your driveway resurfacing. If you apply sealant yourself, make sure that you do so according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Are concrete driveways protected by warranties?

Your concrete contractor should provide a warranty for his work. If he does not, you should find a different contractor. You might also be able to purchase an extended warranty via your state’s concrete association. If your concrete driveway becomes cracked, stained, or is improperly sealed or poured, your concrete contractor should correct his error and repair your driveway immediately.