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Decorative concrete overlays are easy and affordable alternatives to compete resurfacing projects, and thanks to the variety of textures, colors, and finishes that are available with decorative concrete, an overlay project can greatly improve the beauty of whatever surface you are having resurfaced. But this article isn’t so much about the benefits of concrete overlays, but rather the different types of overlay resurfacing projects that can be completed. Here’s a look at three common projects a concrete resurfacing contractor in Austin can perform for you.


The patio is an obvious choice for a concrete overlay. More and more, patios are serving a larger purpose as part of bigger and better outdoor “living areas” as opposed to patios of yesteryear that didn’t have much more than a table and a few chairs. Decorative concrete overlays add an interesting look and feel to your outdoor space and can help bring your new entertaining area to life with bold colors, textures, and finishes.

Pool Coping

Another common choice for decorative concrete overlays is pool coping, or the area along the pool that separates the swimming pool from the surrounding deck. On high-end pools, the coping is very decorative and distinct. That’s why many homeowners will go back and have their pool coping refinished, or resurfaced, with decorative concrete overlays when carrying out a pool remodeling project. If you are having your patio resurfaced, it’s a natural extension to have your pool coping resurfaced as well.


Like patios, driveways are playing an increasingly larger role in a home’s visual appeal and design aesthetic—and concrete overlays are the best way to go from drab to fab. Instead of ripping up your old concrete or asphalt driveway, decorative concrete overlays are added right on top of your existing driveway so you can avoid the mess and cost of completely replacing your driveway.