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Nothing kills curb appeal like cracked and faded concrete patio, which is why many Austin and San Antonio homeowners are turning to concrete resurfacing to repair and upgrade old slab patios. In addition to repairing damaged concrete, resurfacing can completely transform the look of your old patio by creating a natural looking stone surface for a high-end look at low-end prices.

Patio resurfacing is essential after years of exposure to the elements, as well as wear and tear from normal use, exposure to contaminants like oil and grease, and cracks resulting from stress. By repairing structural damage and adding a fresh layer of concrete, resurfacing can create the illusion of a completely new slab without having to remove the old one. This saves time and money, and achieves high-quality concrete results.

Austin and San Antonio area homes use concrete resurfacing to enhance the look of boring old slabs with decorative textures. Natural stone is a common decorative overlay choice because of its realistic look and texture, as well as the added bonus of improved traction and safety. To enhance the realism, your concrete contractor can stain or color your new concrete surface for an even more natural look!