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Walkway Overlays

Is it time to pave your walkway?

If you need your walkway paved, make sure you hire our team at Texas Premier Coat Resurfacing! Providing your concrete walkway with an overlay is a difficult process that should only be done by qualified professionals. Our experienced craftsmen can get the job done flawlessly! We provide Austin decorative composite overlays that can enhance your walkways’ durability while also providing a customized finish that improves the visual appeal of your property.

Here are a few reasons to choose us for your walkway project:

  • We have highly skilled professionals on our team.
  • We use the latest equipment.
  • We use the right property compaction time.

Decorative Concrete Resurfacing in Austin & Other Areas

Because of our high level of expertise and our years of experience, our services have expanded throughout Central Texas! Even after a decade of service, we still offer the same hallmark of leading service. Whether you are looking for sidewalk repair or a new concrete walkway, call us today at (512) 461-4836 for a free estimate.

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Our Values

  • Decorative composite overlay is over twice as strong as concrete
  • We can do Decorative overlay on both vertical and horizontal areas
  • We can overlay over concrete, brick and aggregate on the ground
  • We can overlay over brick, hardy board, wood or stucco on the wall
  • We can overlay over drywall on interior projects